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Wireless Mobility

Wireless Mobility

Xband Enterprises can simplify and bring transparency to your mobile and traditional telecom environment while dramatically reducing an organizations telecom spend up to and over 30%
We specialize in Wireless Expense Management

On average you can expect to save $30 per line, per month. For example, if you have 250 wireless devices, your savings could add up to $7,500 per month; $90,000 per year.

  • Telecom Lifecycle Management: Proactive management of the entire mobile and traditional telecom lifecycle, including carrier agnostic expense management, billing and device  management, security, MDM, and more.

  • Business Intelligence (ADAM): A complete, custom solution providing on-demand business intelligence and dynamic reporting of telecom billing, and usage.

  • Specialized Consulting: Expert consulting on best practices, policy, mobile application development and management, Bring You r Own Device, etc.

    24/7 Help Desk: Full-time technical support service

Managing Usage

Real-time data allows us to stay ahead of your billing cycle. We catch excess charges on your account as soon as they occur—long before they appear on your monthly invoice. Our software detects potential misuse or overage charges and sends real-time email alerts. Your problems are addressed proactively and eliminated before they are billed to your account.

Our simple and effective online mobile account management system lets you monitor the current status of all your users, all your mobile devices, all your wireless plans in real-time. It also provides reporting and cost allocation tools that cut costs by saving time in your accounting and IT departments.

Using the real-time software, our clients can rely on us for:

  • Monthly audits of carrier invoices
  • Examination of usage patterns
  • Real-time overage alerts corrections
  • BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) reporting and management
  • Global features and services
  • Contract negotiations
  • Asset device management
  • Monthly optimization—you don’t have to do it!