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Software Defined

The only true Software Defined WAN, end-to-end.

Built to challenge traditional network architectures that are slow to deploy and expensive to maintain. One of the founding philosophies of Aryaka Networks was to make the enterprise WAN agile, flexible, and scalable. As we were building our award-winning network, we were not looking to build Ethernet switches and controllers to manage those switches. Instead, we built a powerful, multi-tenant software orchestrator to turn on these virtual network functions on-demand.
Multiple vendors today are claiming SD-WAN capabilities, but they are not even a WAN in the first place – they are, in reality, SD-edge boxes.
Our cloud-based management actually carves out bandwidth in a global multi-tenant platform. The visibility portal allows end-to-end network and application layer visibility. Every component is designed to fit within the end-to-end system so that issues can be correlated between modules, and the solution can easily be managed end-to-end. Our world-class Operational Support System integrates the monitoring of the entire architecture, and enables the identification of network issues, even before they affect our customers.


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Single-Day Deployment
Software Defined
Low Latency
Guaranteed Throughput
Instant Bandwidth Scaling
Real-Time Visibility
Zero CapEx
End-to-End Management
Over 99.99% Availability
Global Reach