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SecureRack vDatacenter

Xband Enterprises has partnered with Backbone Solutions AG to deliver the highest level of security and “Swiss Privacy without Compromise”. We take data privacy seriously and we have implemented methods to enable your business with full control over the privacy of your data. Our clients can feel safe that their data remain within a jurisdiction which does not lend itself to extensive governmental intervention potentially placing your data and business at risk.

Small and Medium sized business may also rest assured that Xband Enterprises shall do everything within our legal ability to protect your data privacy. Taking advantage of our Administration-as-a-Service offering, small and medium business may enjoy the same level of highest protections. We understand that you may have limited in house IT personnel to address legitimate business concerns. We are available to assess your environment and architecture and partner with your IT Staff or perform the duties required to protect our clients.

Our SecureRack vDatacenter allows you to design your own virtual Datacenter Infrastructure-as-a-Service and to adapt it at any time to your current requirements. You administrate your resources, or delegate our Team to do so. We maintain a position of full transparency and confidentially with our clients and deliver our expertise to help protect your enterprise.

  • No investment in your own server infrastructure
  • You only pay one fee for your resource pool, irrespective of the number of servers you operate
  • Your resource pool can be extended or reduced at any time. This provides you with maximum flexibility
  • Maximum security due to extensive firewall protection
  • You have full administrative access and can define various access rights
  • Simple control panel to manage your IT infrastructure
  • You can create a resource pool with any number of servers
  • All servers and data are located in Switzerland
  • Maximum redundancy due to several data centres at different locations
  • 100 Mbps bandwidth included free of charge
  • No long-term contractual ties. You can terminate your contract from one month to the next

  • Dell Server with 16C Intel CPU
  • Powerful 10 Gbps SAN with SSDa (SSD Accelerated Storage)
  • Highly available environment with automated failover
  • Full control (root, admin) over all servers
  • Support of all operating systems, including Linux,Windows, FreeBSD
  • Freely configurable firewall
  • Backup and restore, snapshot functions integrated
  • Huge selection of predefined server templates
  • Hardware support for 256-bit AES encryption (10x faster)
  • Console access to your servers