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SD-WAN Ultra

SD-WAN Ultra


Designing the first commercially available Software-Defined WAN was not enough, since SD-WANs by themselves do not guarantee performance. So, SD-WAN Ultra was built as a global patented multi-tenant private network. The private network enables our customers to completely bypass the vagaries of the unreliable public Internet, thus guaranteeing latencies up to the last decimal.


The global network comprises of points of presence (POPs) that are positioned close to end users everywhere in the world. Each of these POPs is connected to one another using multiple private links (from different providers) to deliver reliable, enterprise-grade, full-mesh connectivity.

The function of each POP is to host the multi-tenant proprietary and patented optimization software stack. These POPs also have multiple ISP edge providers to on-board customer traffic using industry standard IPsec security, allowing each enterprise to collaborate seamlessly and securely.

Aryaka SD-WAN

We have points of presence (POPs) on all six habitable continents. As our solutions are built from the ground up to address the needs of the enterprise, our POPs are strategically located so that 100% of the world’s business users are within 30 milliseconds (latency) of a POP. Our POPs are also within 1-5 milliseconds from all major cloud service providers.


WAN as-a-Service Premium combines enterprise-grade, global private connectivity with TCP Optimization and QoS. Utilizing a dedicated reliable core network based on globally distributed POPs, this service delivers predictable, high-performing WAN connections that you can deploy in  minutes.


WAN as-a-Service Enterprise combines the benefits of patented optimization software stack along with enterprise-grade, global private connectivity, TCP optimization and  QoS.
multi-tenant proprietary and patented optimization software stack is hosted at every POP, on hardware managed and maintained, so you can avoid the hassle of deploying and managing CapEx intensive WAN Optimization appliances.

The optimization stack combines the power of multi-segment TCP Optimization, byte -level compression and Advanced Redundancy RemovalTM for data-deduplication, so as to guarantee throughput, induce bandwidth savings, and accelerate applications of all types (including on-premises, cloud, and SaaS  applications).

The proprietary application acceleration proxies enable enterprises to circumvent the “speed of light” limitation of the private network and accelerate application performance over long distances, while simultaneously saving bandwidth and achieving higher throughput.

The service delivers LAN-like performance over the enterprise WAN without the expense of MPLS or the cost and hassle of WAN Optimization appliance solutions, all in a single, no CapEx monthly service.