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Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband

Bringing today’s new communication applications to home offices and businesses in virtually any location.

Xband Enterprises has partnered with ViaSat to provide innovative wireless and other digital communication networks to serve small and medium businesses, enterprise clients and governments. ViaSat technology is at work around the world. In Australia, ViaSat’s satellite technology is behind an ambitious project to provide broadband to the entire nation. In Europe, ViaSat supplies the technology behind Eutelsat – the EU’s premiere provider of satellite broadband. ViaSat will continue to expand its global presence with the launch of ViaSat-2 in late 2016.

Business Redundancy: Critical backup connectivity to keep your business online.
Managed Wi-Fi: Available nationally for any size business or location that needs a flexible Wi-Fi solution.
In-flight Wi-Fi: Available now on JetBlue, Virgin America and United Airlines aircraft the service offers capabilities and speeds beyond that typically provided on commercial airlines.
Government: From battlefield communications to mobile broadband and in-flight connectivity, ViaSat provides critical tech­nology to the U.S. military and other government agencies.
Disaster Recovery & Emergency Services: Establish a high­speed uplink at a moment’s notice with a mobile satellite dish.

Built for American business:

Thousands of business locations across the U.S. are located in tough-to-service areas outside the “cable zone.” With Exede service, we can serve new and existing locations in these tough-to-service areas. And unlike terrestrial providers, Exede service is available today.


Fast Internet Options for your Business


The Challenge:
Our Solution:
Finding an ISP to service multiple locations across multiple states is a challenge many businesses face. Slow speed and spotty connections are bad for businesses that rely on the internet to perform critical functions such as inventory management and credit-card processing.
  •  Fast 15 MBPS download / 4 MBPS Upload Speed
  • Quick turnaround from order to installation
  • Single source shopping
  • No hard data caps, no slow downs

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