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Rapid Response Retainer


Rapid Response Retainer program can help plan and defend against possible threats, and take fast action to identify and contain incidents when they take place. This dual approach can help proactively secure customers’ and partners’ sensitive data and maintain their business and trust.

Xband Enterprises can enable your business with Rapid Response Security Experts on demand globally. Leveraging our Verizon relationship we shall enable your business with a dedicated investigative liaisons, upfront discovery & incident escalation hotline and portal. We can conduct incident training and testing to find weaknesses and improve security controls. Based on your annual subscription level, we shall analyze digital forensics and malcode to locate critical recovery information and recover electronic data compromised in a breach. We shall provide your business with a guaranteed three-hour phone response.

Rapid Response Retainer
Key Elements

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Real Time Immediate Response

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On Demand
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Security Expertise

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Global Around the
Clock Security Coverage

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Boots-on-the ground

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Incident Escalation
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Cyber Incident
Capability Assessment

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Malcode Analysis
Verizon Investigator
Service Levels
On-boarding Assessment
Dedicated Investigative Liaison

Each customer is partnered with an experienced member of the Verizon RISK team, who will lead response efforts in the case of a security incident

Choice of Service Levels

Three service levels are available to suit the customer needs: Basic, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. Availability of some features is service level dependent.

Cyber Incident Capability Assessment

Following contract signature the customer is offered a choice of four assessments:

  • Incident Response Readiness Assessment
  • Network Health Checks
  • First Responders Training Course
  • Executive Breach Simulation