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Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi

Managed Broadband WiFi

The explosive growth of mobile devices and wireless networking represents a new business opportunity and a new attack vector. Persistent wireless attacks from devious hackers could expose your business to substantial risk without proper and consistent management of WiFi networks. Additional pressure from incumbent web 2.o companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Priceline and others, many line of business managers and small business owners have turned to new technology to increase the value of the experience shared with their clients.

Omni-channel technology or the ability to serve clients in store, web and mobile is the new normal. Implementing secure wireless technology helps businesses retain clients, purchase size and customer satisfaction. Often many younger consumers will not engage with a business which does not offer such conveniences.

Additional pressure from regulatory bodies enforce requirements for businesses to prevent rogue wireless access and maintain and enforce segmentation from transaction systems.

Xband Enterprises fully managed WiFi service will enable your organization with the most optimal WiFi solution for your area and/or environment. We utilization all major equipment providers such as Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, Aruba, AeroHive and Ruckes Wireless.

Wireless WiFi Assessment

Working with our senior sales engineers and solution architects, we will assess the state of your current environment and provide you with a specifically engineering solution which meets with your requirements. Post implementation our team will continue to work to optimize the environment for peak performance and tuning.

Cloud Management

New cloud technologies enable businesses to do more with less and gain visibility into the operations of the network. These technologies enable highly scalable WiFi environments and streamline the ongoing operations, management and associated expenses. Gaining visibility into the network operation can help avoid downtime and circumvent costly site deployments or provide insight for the technician to quickly restore WiFi operations.

Cloud Monitoring

The cloud networking and monitoring represents a significant opportunity to enable operational efficiency, commissioning and decommission devices rapidly to mitigate down time and potential financial losses. Xband Enterprises can work with the underlying provider to recommend the best solution or work with your IT Team to build a custom monitoring solution from the physical layer up to and including your applications.

Real-time custom monitoring is also provided via mobile application.

Cloud Maintenance

Cloud networking technology offers and unprecedented opportunity to operate and maintain your network operations. This can help your business server new clients and build stronger relationships with new clients. Maintenance is an instrumental component of operating any network, currently available technologies allow us to perform better, smarter and faster.