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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Secure cloud application usage with IBM Cloud Security Enforcer

Safely connect users to cloud applications and help protect the business against cloud-based threats

From the gains in end-user productivity to the efficiencies for IT staff, the advantages of adopting the cloud are clear. However, recent IBM research shows that one in every three employees at Fortune 1000 organizations are uploading and sharing sensitive corporate data  to third-party, cloud-based applications—and 57 percent of employees know they are violating company policy by doing so. Driving this use  of “shadow IT” are better accessibility, improved productivity and the convenience of cloud applications.1

  • Deploy a single, integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to help simplify and secure cloud application use
  • Harness “shadow IT” usage, while  accelerating the transition to approved cloud services
  • Empower users to securely connect to approved cloud applications in minutes
  • Help protect against user and cloud- based threats
  • Shorten response times to security  incidents and policy violations
  • Enforce access controls and corporate policies for cloud usage

Take control of shadow IT

Your organization is already moving to the cloud; the question is, are you going to blindly follow the movement or will you lead the charge? Your IT security team needs the right tools  to gain visibility and understanding into your employees’ use  of cloud applications, both sanctioned and “shadow IT.” IBM Cloud Security Enforcer includes the components you need to shift the use of “shadow IT” to the use of approved and secure cloud applications. You can take back control and enable employees to use the cloud applications they want. The SaaS solution enables your IT teams to:

  • Gain visibility into mobile and overall cloud usage with your enterprise
  • Identify and understand risk ratings of cloud applications
  • Measure improvements in approved and “shadow IT” usage of cloud applications
  • Establish controls for cloud access and policy enforcement
  • Help manage subscription costs and control application sprawl


IBM Cloud Security Enforcer: How it worksAccelerate adoption of approved applications

To help protect your organization from user or cloud-based risk, you need to simplify adoption of your approved and secured cloud applications. Your employees need to be able to quickly find and use the applications they need. Streamlining processes for IT also helps accelerate the adoption of approved applications.

IBM Cloud Security Enforcer provides efficiencies for both your employees and your IT team. Integrated IDaaS capabili-ties with built-in application connectors simplify new cloud application onboarding. With just a few clicks, administrators can make approved cloud applications available to employees using their existing corporate credentials. Employees get a searchable directory of available applications with self-service features such as one-click onboarding. The personalized launch-pad helps them use applications faster and become more productive. Built-in access controls also help ensure secure and approved usage of cloud applications. The service empowers your IT teams to:

  • Securely connect users to approved cloud applications in minutes
  • Rapidly deliver approved applications to employees
  • Enforce access controls to help protect against misuse
  • Correct out-of-policy cloud application use

IBM Cloud Security Enforcer integrates threat intelligence—provided by the IBM X-Force® research team—with global security analytics to help you secure and govern cloud usage. The solution is able to accurately correlate cloud usage with risks and corporate policies for appropriate usage, so your IT teams can effectively prioritize their response for  preemptive protection. They can:

  • Monitor the activity of mobile device access
  • Quickly identify and mitigate risky user behavior
  • Spot and respond to high-priority alerts with cloud-activity event correlation
  • Detect and address cloud application usage violations Shorten the risk windows of cloud or user behavior-based threats

Protect the business

Not everything about the cloud is good. Cloud applications can expose your organization to a wide range of new security risks. In addition to malware or targeted attacks that can come in through the cloud, there are also insider threats—security breaches from malicious insiders or inadvertent actors.

1 Based on an IBM survey of Fortune 1000 organizations, August 2015.