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Ethernet Overview

Regardless of how complex your network needs are, Xband Enterprises has an Ethernet solution designed to help keep your business applications running smoothly and everyone in your organization connected with one robust and secure network. With a reliable Ethernet connection, you’ll exchange data safely and securely, at up to 10Gbps.

You’ll be able to use bandwidth intensive applications with predictable response times. And implement new applications and emerging IPbased technologies including rich media services, VoIP, ERP, supply chain management (SCM), medical image transfers and data archiving.

And all of this information travels across a private, diverse network


For enterprises that need the most bandwidth and the fastest connection providing a continuous link between their existing LAN and the public Internet, there is no better way to connect. Plus, our Ethernet interface offers true plug-and-play compatibility with your LAN.

Ethernet Dedicated Internet
Ethernet Private Line Service
(Point to Point)

Meet the demand of bandwidth-intensive applications and enable the use of any VLAN or Ethernet control protocol across the service with flexible, scalable point-to-point configurations delivering high-capacity fiber connections between two sites.

Ethernet Private Line
Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service
(Point to Multipoint)

Ethernet Virtual Private Line provides a point-to-point connection that replaces frame relay or ATM services and supports a Service Multiplexed UNI, allowing for a single physical connection to customer premise equipment for multiple virtual connections.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line
Ethernet Network service
(Multipoint to Multipoint)

Perfect for organizations with many locations and high data traffic. Our Ethernet Network Service allows you to seamlessly connect physically distributed locations across a Metropolitan Area Network and exchange data at up to 10 gigabit per second.

Ethernet Network Service

With scalable, secure Ethernet Service solutions from Xband Enterprises, and 24×7 dedicated national and local support, you can better connect with your customers, suppliers, and remote sites – easily, efficiently and more affordably.

Business Ethernet Services provide four unique, reliable, cost-effective solutions, all designed to seamlessly link everyone in your organization with one scalable and secure network.