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Application Services

Application Services

Software-as-a-Service Maximizes ROI and enables Business Agility, Innovation and Competitive Leadership

Xband Enterprises has enabled the Microsoft Hosted Suite of Applications within a Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard compliant data center environment. The  environment is rigorously engineered, maintained, staffed and monitored by qualified engineers which operate on a 24/7/365 basis.

Our application services offer business agility without compromise so that our clients may confidently offload the management of mature applications such as Microsoft Exchange. Xband Enterprises aims to enable our clients to focus and transform their enterprise strategically on innovation and business agility. Xband Enterprises understands the criticality of mission critical business and cloud applications which drive scale and operational efficiency and we consistently strive to empower your business.

  1. Assessment and Management Services
  2. Inventory Discovery and CMDB Management
  3. Analysis and Reporting
  4. Project Management
  5. Account Management, Executive Sponsorship  and Remote Quarterly Business Reviews
  6. Partner Sourcing, Management and Reporting
  7. Customized Administration Services
  8. Add any of our “as-a-Service” offering to create your customized environment